RSA Marshal Accreditation Program
BARS Training Australia - Provider Number 32061

The Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) has just released a comprehensive guide outlining risk management practices and procedures called "Towards best practice for safety in licensed venues". While there is an emphasis on processes and procedures for higher-risk venues, the strategies outlined in this guide can be used and adapted by the majority of licensed venues.

It is well recognised that the principle responsibility of crowd controllers is to maintain the licensee's legal obligation to provide a safe environment for patrons and staff. Recently, a number of enforcement agencies have focused on higher-risk venues with crowd controllers and Approved Managers being required to produce an enormous amount of evidence to prove full compliance with a wide range of legislation.

NOTE - BARS Training Australia is NOT registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Student (CRICOS). The Office of Fair Trading Queensland will not accept a training certificate issued to a student visa holder unless such training is conducted by a CRICOS approved provider. If you are the holder of a Student Visa you will not be enrolled to commence studies with BARS Training Australia.

Information current as at the 1st January 2018 indicates that there is no CRICOS approved providers registered in the State of Queensland currently offering security qualifications.

As you are aware, the security industry cannot only be dangerous and physically demanding, but can also result in situations occurring that are beyond their control.  Recent the security industry has not only come under the scrutiny of the authorities but have been subject to a number of civil action claims launched by "No Win No Fee" solicitors throughout Queensland.  Below are the standard reasons why injured person/s believe that security companies cause the incident:

* That management, failed to take any or any reasonable steps to ensure that the security officers were appropriately qualified, experienced or trained so as to provide security services of a professional and adequate standard;

* The management, failed to provide any or any adequate training or instruction to the security officers as to the provision and performance of security services at the premises;

* The management, failed to provide any or any adequate supervision, management or direction of the security officers in the provision and performance of security services at the premises;  and

* The security, failed to devise, implement and maintain any or any adequate policies, guidelines, protocols or procedures pertaining to the management and removal of patrons from the premises.

All training and advice will be supplied by the BARS Group that provides a specialist training and consultancy service to the liquor and hospitality industries throughout Queensland to address all these issues.

Our Director,  Garry Oliver, will oversee all training and consultancy services as a licensed security advisor (License No: 335030).  

Garry served 24 years in operational policing with the Queensland Police Service reaching the rank of Senior Sergeant in charge of police operations at Fortitude Valley.

Garry co-ordinated the Queensland Police Liquor Enforcement Team for over 9 years before resigning in October 2006.

All qualified RSA Marshal's trained by BARS Training Australia will also have access to the following benefits to allow them to supervise the respective workplace to minimise harm.

* Free advice on any Liquor Licensing, Police, Security or Regulatory Compliance matters as they arise.
* Guaranteed after hours phone services for any emergency intervention.
* Discounts on products through Bouncer Buddy Products. .
* Representation at meetings with QPS, OLGR and the Office of Fair Trading
* Free management of personal training records and requirements.
* Free email and text messaging prior to expiry of licenses and/or training documents

Schedule of Training
To perform as an appropriately qualified, experienced and trained RSA Marshal in Queensland a licensed crowd controller must achieve the following training standards under the BARS Training Australia Accreditation Program. 

Note: That whilst the employer (not the client) is responsible for the cost of all training provided all RSA Marshals are expected to attend the below training in their own time with remuneration being given by the employer on an hourly basis once RSA Marshal Accreditation has been achieved, maintained and performing this function.

* CPPSEC3002A - Manage Conflict through negotiation (every 3 years)
* CPPSEC3013A - Control persons using empty handed techniques (every 3 years)
* HLTFA311A - Apply First Aid (every 3 years)

* HLTAID001 - Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (every year when first aid not required)
* CPPSEC3004A - Lead Small Teams in the Security Industry
* CPPSEC3005A - Prepare and Present Security Documentation and Reports
* SITHFAB002 - Responsible Service of Alcohol

An additional non-accredited Queensland Licensing Course will also form apart of the program.
* OLGR - Responsible Management of Licensed Venue (RMLV) (every 3 years)

Participants will also be required to activity participate in training with BARS Training Australia to a professional standard no less than on a 6 monthly basis. All participants must have current qualifications issued by BARS Training Australia or equal competency as assessed by a BARS Training Australia facilitator.

NOTE: Participants will not be required to attend training any more than 5 days per calendar year.

Cost of Training
The cost of the RSA Marshal Accrediation Program is capped not to exceed $500 per calendar year per participant.

All training will be conducted on premises nominated and supplied by BARS Training Australia, with all required training equipment being supplied.

All participants must have a current Queensland crowd controller license and be in a supervisory role. All participants must be nominated by the employer who will be responsible for the cost of training.



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