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Armed Robber

All licensed premises, along with other retailers should be aware of the impact that an armed robbery/hold-up can have on their business and on the health, safety and welfare of staff, customers and themselves.  The aim of this tailored training program is to reduce the risk, or at least minimise the impact, both human and financial, of armed robbery on a premises, and to maximise the chances of prosecution of armed robbery offenders. 


The program outlines the principles of workplace design and a range of workplace practices that can be used to minimise the impact and incidence of armed robbery / hold-ups.  Whilst the Armed Robbery Awareness Program cannot guarantee risks associated with armed robbery will be eliminated, the strategies suggested have general deterrence and crime prevention value and are designed to minimise the incidence of this serious offence.

By increasing the risk of apprehension, increasing the effort required to commit the offence and reducing the rewards available to the offender, it is possible to reduce the risk of victimisation. Three broad strategies are discussed, in addition to these strategies an audit of your security requirements is recommended. A risk assessment should review existing standards of physical security, workplace design and layout, workplace procedures and protocols such as cash handling practices, staff training needs and the locality of the business.

Schedule of Training
All training will be conducted on premises nominated and supplied by the client, with all required training equipment supplied by BARS Training Australia.  The cost of this
2 hour session includes the cost of all handouts and Statement of Attendance issued by BARS Training Australia.


Schedule of Fees (*)

All training will be conducted on premises nominated and supplied by the client, with all required training equipment supplied by BARS Training Australia. The cost is $350 for up to the first 10 participants, plus $10 per additional participant attending that session.


All training will be conducted in an appropriate training venue throughout Queensland with all required training equipment supplied by BARS Training Australia as published on the BARS Training website.


  • Any advice given during the Armed Robbery Awareness session does not purport to provided legal advice or contain all of the possible procedures and safe guards that could be developed to minimise the risk of armed robbery.
  • All information gathered during these sessions with staff will be kept in strict confidence by all staff as outlined in the BARS Training Australia confidentially policy documents.
  • The sender of the confirmation email with regards to Armed Roberry Awareness Programs will be taken to be the client, accepting all terms and conditions of the initial booking.
  • The client will be invoiced after the training has been completed with full payment due within 7 days of completion of the session. Course documents will only be processed once full payment has been received with all attendance documents forwarded to the client within 14 days of the date of payment..
  • (*) Prices may vary outside South East Queensland.



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