Crowd Control / Security (Unarmed) (QLD)
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Under the Security Providers Act 1993, security firms and people who are employed in the security industry such as security officers, crowd controllers, bodyguards, private investigators, security advisers and security equipment installers must be licensed to work in Queensland.


In order to qualify for a Crowd Controller's and Security (Unarmed) licence from 1 July 2008, you must have completed the following units of competency listed below and been assessed as competent by a registered training provider. 


BARS Training Australia (National Provider 32061) now offers the most current training packages being CPP20212 and CPP30411 with a flexible delivery strategy that is not only tailored to our client needs but are realistic, industry based and the most practical available.


Course Title  -  Crowd Controller / Security (unarmed) Course (Qld) – Entry Level

CPPSEC2001A  -  Communicate effectively in the security industry

CPPSEC2002A  -  Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry

CPPSEC2003B  -  Work effectively in the security industry

CPPSEC2004B  -  Respond to security risk situation

CPPSEC2005A  -  Work as part of a security team

CPPSEC2006B  -  Provide security services to clients

CPPSEC2011B  -  Control access to and from premises

CPPSEC2012A  -  Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour

CPPSEC2014A  -  Operate basic security equipment

CPPSEC2015A  -  Patrol premises

CPPSEC3002A  -  Manage conflict through negotiation (R)

CPPSEC3003A  -  Determine response to security risk situation

CPPSEC3007A  -  Maintain security of environment

CPPSEC3013A  -  Control persons using empty handed techniques (R)

HLTFA311A         -  Apply First Aid (R)


The qualification will be issued based on the successful completion of the units of competency. Competencies indicated with an (R) requires retraining (not RPL) on a triennial basis (every three years) to retain a Queensland crowd controllers license.



Participants should be eligible to hold a security license and should contact the Office of Fair Trading on 1300 656 030 or by following this link to the Office of Fair Trading Website to confirm their eligibility prior to commencing the course. (view website)


All participants should also have basic language, literacy and numeracy skills and are required to identify if they require language, literacy and numeracy support prior to enrolment by completing a short language, literacy and numeracy examination.


Participants can also ask for language, literacy and numeracy support during the delivery if they find they are experiencing difficulties.   For more information on the policies and procedures that will relate to your training experience please view the BARS Training Australia Student Handbook (view handbook)




The workbook course is separated into two parts that deal with the theory and practical skills required in the Queensland Crowd Controller and Security industries. 



A self paced correspondence course with on-line tutorial support available to assist participants gain the underpinning knowledge necessary to successfully complete Part B .  Once course fees have been received the enrolled participant will be forwarded all course material at least 10 days prior to the face-to-face component along with a welcome link that gives the participant access on-line tutorial support and additional resources.


Further, participants will be advised of a 4 hour optional tutorial session with the nominated facilitator that will be held prior to the face-to-face component.  Participants can speak to the facilitator over the phone, on e-mail or through the use of our own unique on-line chat facility where 4 person can hook up on-line for a webcam conference.



Participants will NOT be able to attend the face-to-face component (Part B) without completing the self paced correspondence component (Part A).



During this two day component participants will receive instruction relating to legislative requirements, first aid, communication techniques, basic document examination and control, restrain & removal techniques.


The face-to-face component allows participants to take part in role-plays, scenario enactments, group discussions and demonstrations that create an excellent and variety based learning environment.


Schedule of Fees

The scheduled fee will be paid in full on enrolment and prior to the commencement of the training program.  All fees paid will be issued with an acknowledgement receipt/tax invoice via email as proof of receipt of monies paid for access to course material and on-line tutorial support.


Gold Coast - $499 per participants (including first aid) - (view flyer) - (send email)

Townsville - $549 per participant (including first aid)- (view flyer) - (send email)

Cairns - $800 per participants (including first aid)- (view flyer) - (send email)

All training will be conducted in an appropriate training venue throughout Queensland with all required training equipment supplied by BARS Training Australia as published on the BARS Training website.

Gold Coast
* Monday 11/01/2016 to Friday 15/01/2016 * Monday 15/02/2016 to Friday 19/02/2016
* Monday 14/03/2016 to Friday 18/03/2016 * Monday 11/04/2016 to Friday 15/04/2016
* Monday 09/05/2016 to Friday 13/05/2016 * Monday 06/06/2016 to Friday 10/06/2016


Townsville Apply Now
* Sunday 29/11/2015 to Thursday 03/12/2015 * Wednesday 27/01/2016 to Sunday 31/01/2016
* Sunday 28/02/2016 to Thursday 03/03/2016 * Wednesday 30/03/2016 to Sunday 03/04/2016
* Monday 18/04/2016 to Friday 22/04/2016 * Sunday 22/05/2016 to Thursday 26/05/2016
* Sunday 19/06/2016 to Thursday 23/06/2016 * Sunday 17/07/2016 to Thursday 21/07/2016


Cairns Apply Now
* Mon-Wed 10-12/08/2015 and 17-19/08/2015 * Mon-Wed 07-09/09/2015 and 14-16/09/2015
* Mon-Wed 12-14/10/2015 and 19-21/10/2015 * Mon-Wed 09-11/11/2015 and 16-18/11/2015
* Mon-Wed 30-02/12/2015 and 07-09/12/2015 * Mon-Wed 18-20/01/2016 and 27-29/01/2016
* Mon-Wed 08-10/02/2016 and 15-17/02/2016 * Mon-Wed 14-16/03/2016 and 21-23/03/2016
* Mon-Wed 11-13/04/2016 and 18-20/04/2016 * Mon-Wed 09-11/05/2016 and 16-18/05/2016


FULL CLASSROOM COURSE (Price on Application)


BARS Training Australia also offers a full time face to face course that is conducted on appropriate premises nominated and supplied by the client.  These courses are run over 7 days (8 hours per day) giving participants personal face to face facilitation to assist participants to gain the underpinning knowledge necessary to successfully complete their studies .


During the course the participant will be required to take part in role-plays, scenarios enactments, group discussion and demonstrations that will be assessed to current industry standards.


Schedule of Fees

The scheduled fee will be quoted based on the number of participants and locality of the training session being requested.  All fees paid will be issued with an acknowledgement receipt/tax invoice via email as proof of receipt of monies paid for access to course material and on-line tutorial support.


To make an enquiry about the full classroom course please click on the "Group Discount" link below and complete the enquiry form.  Once received one of our consultants will be in contact within 24 hours.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the acknowledgment of skills and knowledge held by an individual as a result of formal training, work experience and /or life experience. If you believe that you already possess some or all of the learning outcomes contained in this course and you can demonstrate current competency, then you can apply for RPL.  To register for RPL you simply contact BARS Training Australia on (07) 55 290834 during office hours.



Enrolment occurs through online registration and payment of course fees.  Your details are captured and stored securely, with the results of your training being linked to this enrolment information.



All requests for refunds are to be made in writing on a Refund Request this form that needs to be accompanied by supporting documentation where applicable. This form can be obtained by contacting the BARS Training Australia on (07) 55 290834 during office hours.



Participants are responsible for reading all relevant materials provided on the website including the BARS Training Australia Student Handbook and the information about courses prior to enrolment. Once participants have entered their details on an order form it will be accepted by all parties that they have read the Student Handbook and agree with all the Terms and Conditions prior to commencing their training.



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